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NSDC / TNSDC Short Term Certificate Courses


The GDA or General Duty Assistant or Nursing Care Assistant program is designed to provide Professional Quality Care to patients admitted in hospitals and nursing homes. Major responsibilities provide patient care and help maintain a suitable environment. Some of the key responsibilities of the General Duty Assistant are to provide patient's daily care, patient's comfort, patient's safety and patient's health needs.

Upon successful completion of the General Duty Assistant course, students become qualified to take the Healthcare Sector Skills Council (HSSC) competency exam conducted by Indian National Skill Development Corp (NSDC). After Successful completion of this exam and on Job Training (OJT), students become Certified General Duty Assistants (GDA) and thus work in an efficient and knowledgeable manner in Health Care Industry.

Min Eligibility: 10th Pass
Exams: Conducted by NSDC
Certificate: Provided by NSDC

Career Growth: General Duty Assistants have a superfluity of career options to choose from and can progress by taking more responsibilities. Certified students start their careers as General Duty Assistants after which they can take up the profession of Nursing Assistants. After gaining few years of experience as Nursing Assistants, they can grow as Supervisors, Floor Supervisors, and Managers on based on their performance and dedications, which are deemed as more independent job roles. In Rural Areas having shortfall of Hospital facilities, General Duty Assistants can provide more Health Care awareness, they can manage their elder in their family.

2. Emergency Medical Technician - Basis: For Ambulance Services (Starting in 2023)

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in the Healthcare Industry is also known as a lifesaver or paramedic. Individuals at this job need to provide emergency medical support and care to individuals who are critically ill or injured and transport them to a medical facility within stipulated time limits. Individuals should be able to maintain composure in extremely stressful conditions in order to assess medical situations and perform emergency lifesaving procedures according to the methods in which training has been imparted to them. Individuals must always perform their duties in a calm, reassuring and efficient manner. The individual must be able to lift between 45 – 99 kilograms of weight with a partner.

Min Eligibility: 12th Pass
Exams: Conducted by NSDC
Certificate: Provided by NSDC

3. Home Health Aide

Individuals in this job provide assistance to patients with diverse needs in carrying out their daily living activities at different care settings like home, old age home, hospice, etc. Some of the key responsibilities of a Home Health Aide are to provide personal care, comfort and assistance to the patient while they are coping up with their health conditions. They also report the health status to the service providers or other health professionals. The job requires the candidate to be empathetic, mature, compassionate and patient centric. The person should show respect to the patients belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds. The individual should have good communication and interpersonal skills. The person should also possess cooking, driving and housekeeping skills preferably.

Min Eligibility: 10th class preferably but 8th class VIII in certain cases (Eligibility to be confirmed with IIDA / NSDC)
Exams: Conducted by NSDC
Certificate: Provided by NSDC

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